String Pocket


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Give yourself flexibility in your storage with the String Pocket Shelving system, an innovative and up to date storage solution for the modern home where space is tight and extra storage is a must. The ‘String’ Pocket Shelving system can be useful in not only kitchens but also looks the part as bathroom shelving or bedroom storage. Simply clip each shelf onto one of the ‘rungs’ on the wire units to give the shelf height that you require, whether you want narrow shelves or taller shelves or a combination. The String Pocket shelves come in a range of colours to help you match up with your interior décor and you can also store items with the Grid and Pockets for a contemporary storage solution.

Additional information

Weight 5.35 kg
Dimensions 60 × 15 × 50 cm
shelf colour

white, grey, black stained ash, ash, oak, walnut, green, sand, mustard, burgundy

frame colour

white, grey, black, green, sand, mustard, burgundy


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