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String Shelving System

Delivery in 4 - 6 Weeks


Airy and light in its design, the String Shelving System is a simple ensemble of shelves and units that can be mixed and matched to offer ultimate flexibility in your storage spaces. With shelves of varying thickness, you are able to add extra shelves within the same unit, or to add more storage width simply add another unit and pop your shelves in. There is also the option to add bookshelves, cupboards, writing tables and drawers to suit your storage requirements, making it the ideal contemporary solution for the modern home. The String Shelving System has been winning awards for 60 years and still remains a popular storage system choice for modern buyers today due to its flexibility and classic style.


‘Build your own’ String system below. You can then send your design to your email, or straight to us, download as a PDF or get the ‘article list’. Contact us on [email protected] or 020 8771 0500 for a quote, and we can order all the parts for you to bring your String creation to life!



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